SPT Automatic Stainless Steel Ice Maker 66 lbs (IM-661C)


$ 749.99 
SKU: IM-661C

This freestanding fully automatic ice maker produces up to 66 lbs of bullet-shaped ice per day, with storage space of up to 15 lbs. Direct plumbing allows for constant supply of fresh ice without the hassle of manual fill. Full stainless steel housing is an attractive addition to any space setting.

For the unit’s longevity, filtered or purified water is required (distilled water or reverse osmosis would be best); or unit must be cleaned once very other week with citric acid to remove mineral build ups. Filtered water will also improve the taste/odor of the ice cubes.

Features and Functions

– Free standing application
– Makes up to 66 lbs of ice daily
– Stores up to 15 lbs of ice
– Auto shut off when ice bin is full
– Makes 1 batch of 14 bullet-shaped cubes in about 15 minutes
– Fully automatic
– Full stainless steel housing
– Front and side ventilation
– Flush back design
– Adjustable leveling legs
– High efficiency CFC-free compressor
– Ice scoop, water hose and gravity drain hose included

Installation by a licensed plumber required.

Note: While insulated, this ice maker is not a freezer. For energy saving purposes, the compressor shuts down when unit senses the storage bin is full. Stored ice may melt after sitting idle for a long period of time.

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